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If you’re unable to free sufficient disk space on the volume that hosts the files, perform the following steps: When a Hyper-V hotfix or update is installed on a server (Windows 2008 R2, Server 2008, or Microsoft Hyper-V Server), review the documentation associated with the hotfix to determine whether the hotfix requires that you update the integration components in the VM.You can also review the Hyper-V update list on Tech Net to determine whether an update includes updated integration components.Here are some key tips and troubleshooting tools to help you avoid or resolve DNS problems.Tip 1: The DNS namespace should reflect a contiguous tree hierarchy The Internet DNS namespace has a tree hierarchy (by design), and administration of this is delegated to DNS administrators responsible for various branches of the DNS namespace (IETF RFC 1034, RFC 1032).If you feel the need, you can refer this post, to identify computer hardware problems.

In Windows 7, WGA is renamed Windows Activation Technologies.

Other symptoms are as follows: The recommended Hyper-V antivirus exclusions, as well as known problems caused by antivirus software, are documented in the Microsoft article “Virtual machines are missing in the Hyper-V Manager Console or when you create or start a virtual machine, you receive one of the following error codes: ‘0x800704C8’, ‘0x80070037’ or ‘0x800703E3’” (, don’t delete the files (snapshot files).

Deleting the files will result in data loss and cause the VM to fail to start.

When you run Install Util to install your Windows service the tool displays this exception: An exception occurred during the Install phase. In Visual Studio: Part 1: The service On Start and On Stop methods must return control back to the Service Control Manager within one minute for the SCM to recognize the service was successfully started or stopped.

Security Exception: The source was not found, but some or all event logs could not be searched. The executable program that this service is configured to run in does not implement the service.

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