Hostile and intimidating defined

Such conduct also may impede an individual’s professional and personal growth and fulfillment.

A person or a group can perpetrate this behavior and need not have more years of service than or be a supervisor to the target. The policy is not intended to constitute a general civility code addressing ordinary stresses of the workplace, such as occasionally insensitive language or behavior.

Essentially, harassment occurs when a person suffers consistent and unwanted, and objectively offensive, conduct at work as a result of their membership in a protected class.

However, these freedoms come with a responsibility that all members of our university community have a right to work in an environment free from intimidation, exploitation, coercion, violence, aggression, harassment, and/or bullying.If there is no HR Dept., go to your superior; if it is one of your superiors who is subjecting you to the harassment, go to another who is not involved, even if they are not necessarily your next in command.For a case to be successful, it is critical that there is documented evidence that the problem was reported; having documented the incident or incidents will go a long way when a judge is considering a sexual harassment case - it can be the difference between a large settlement and walking away with nothing after having been forced to leave your job.Steps to deal with a hostile work environment include: It should be noted that if, at any time, the offensive behavior rises to the level of breaking the law, or of truly making the victim fear for his or her safety, the incidents should be reported to the police.To determine whether a work environment is hostile, EEOC investigators look at the following factors.

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